Why Northern Hospitality Real Estate?

With our extensive network of commercial real estate professionals, we can refer you to the right experts who will help you build a successful strategy and turn you into a strong buyer. We’ll connect you with:

  • Financial experts, including commercial real estate investors and small business financing specialists
  • Restaurant consultants who will help you create a proposal to present to a landlord
  • Designers, builders, and contractors
  • Commercial real estate lawyers
  • And more

Client Success Story: Bloomer’s

In 2016 we met with the owners of Toronto’s Bloomer’s bakery to help them formulate a real estate strategy to spread their love of organic, vegan baked goods to more areas of our great city. With a solid plan and mutual excitement, we worked to secure new retail locations on Queen Street West and in Bayview Shopping Centre, while also acquiring real estate for a commissary in Mississauga and a commercial property in Burlington.

As our professional relationship grew, so did our personal one. We’ve been lucky enough to watch their family expand over the years and support them through the purchases of their residential real estate acquisitions as well as their commercial ones. With no plans of slowing down operations, we are continuing to look for new opportunities to grow this family business—together.

White-glove buying approach

Curated Solutions

If you’re purchasing a franchise or a business, we’ll let you know what the weekly sales are, what the rent is, what the seller’s motivations are, and the lease terms. We’ll also explain how long the seller has been operating, whether or not the price is negotiable, and the potential income.

To ensure your business venture is protected in the long-term, we’ll determine if there are any add-value opportunities. We’ll find out whether you can build up, whether or not you can change tenants, how many vacancies are within the property, and what the zoning requirements are.

If you’re in the market for a leasing opportunity, we’ll help you ask the right questions to ensure you end up in the best location with a sound lease agreement. We’ll inquire about:

  • What the landlord is willing to contribute to the space
  • How long the fixturing period is
  • What uses are permitted on site
  • What exclusivities exist with current tenants

Protecting Your Investment

Besides ensuring the right conditions are in place for your business venture, we’ll ensure you have a solid exit strategy in place so you’re protected if you need to sell. Having conversations about the worst-case scenario during the honeymoon phase of securing your commercial site isn’t exactly exciting, but in planning for your success, we prepare for every situation.

Guiding Your Path

We make sure to spend as much time as possible at the beginning of our relationship getting to know you, your buying motivations, and your current market position so that we know exactly how we should structure your buying plan. With a solid understanding of where you are and where you want to be, you can enter the market with a strategy that will help you secure the right business opportunity seamlessly. We’ll ask you:

  • Whether you’re looking to buy or lease
  • If you currently own or operate a franchise
  • Whether you’ve owned commercial property or a business in the past
  • What your budget is
  • If you need to purchase assets or a lease space alone
  • Whether or not you need financing

We work at your pace. You won’t need to sign obligations of any kind until you’re ready to make an offer.

Executing Your Vision

Armed with precise knowledge about your goals and expectations, we’ll see what listings are available from sellers within my professional network before searching the MLS.

By sourcing off-market listings first, we can increase your chances of finding a suitable business to purchase. We’ll also canvas your ideal locations and knock on doors to see if any businesses matching your criteria are for sale.

Once you’ve shortlisted a few listings, we’ll help you prepare an attractive offer and continue to advocate on your behalf through negotiations.

“Jason was wonderful to work with - introduced me to many good locations and properties to open a yoga studio. He aligned himself to my vision and helped find the perfect space in Little Portugal. His dedication and friendly, caring demeanor made him a dream to work with. I’ll be calling on him again when I open studio number two!”

- Hayley, Power Yoga Canada - Franchisee

Thinking Of Buying?

Let’s talk about where you fit in the market and create a plan to get you into the right space for your brand.